The Technology frontier – How PIA’s e-Commerce platform is revolutionising the property industry for developers and investors.
Camil Shalal, The Middle East Times     Published on  19/08/16

The Property Investors Alliance (PIA), one of Australia’s leading property investment and supply platforms, shared their significant growth plans and reminisced upon their long standing relationship with the Lebanese Community.

Justin Wang, PIA’s Managing Director and Founder, sat down recently with Camil Shalal from the Middle East Times, and discussed the role that PIA plays in the property industry, emerging trends and advice for first time investors.

“For more than 10 years PIA has played a significant role in educating prospective investor clients in relation to property investment. Our team of more than 250 property sales consultants undergo extensive and ongoing training and development in customer relationship management, and we undertake monthly property investment seminars to educate our investor clients”.

Justin explained that whilst there is a lot of information out there in the market, potential investors often don’t know which way to turn for advice, “Many people simply do not trust real estate sales people in the wider market. However, at PIA, our investors are long term customers who have invested multiple times. The majority of our business is based on referral – this is how we know we’re doing a great job with our customers.”

Justin was asked about the current state of the market and whether property still represents a good investment – “The property market is cyclical, heavily dependent upon demand and supply fundamentals. Justin explained that whilst currently the market is in more ‘normal’ based conditions, “Capital cities such as Sydney are still in high demand – from investors and home owners alike. Growth in population coinciding with the ongoing shortage of housing stock represents an excellent opportunity for investors to supply much needed rental stock, whilst building their property portfolio for their own future goals.”

When asked how technology has assisted Justin in achieving his business growth strategy, he replied “I set about to find a system that can manage all of our business transactions, deliver insights, and offer an e-Commerce platform to link developer property with our Investors.”

However, no such platform existed, so Justin developed his own - “Our in-house team of 12 software developers helped me to create MyPIA - our custom built backbone IT system, employee and customer portal. It provides staff mobility and our customers can transact at anytime, anywhere. Adding to this, we have just completed our Vendor Portal, VPortal, which enables our developers to upload projects, manage pricing and monitor sales results. More recently, we have launched iPortal, which enables our investor customers to review their rental property portfolio and provides tenant access to their accounts and documents.”

On cross cultural relationships, Justin talked about his strong personal and professional relationship with the Middle East Community in Australia, “Many of our developer partners are from the Lebanese community and these relationships were forged through mutual respect over the past 10 years. They are my business partners, but first and foremost, my friends. Our investor customers and tenants are everyday Australians who come from a diverse range of backgrounds and ethnicities, and we look forward to expanding our seminar program to accommodate many more.”

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