Part 1: Selling Your Property - what do you need, Property Styling or Interior Design?
Mobilia Group     Published on  31/10/18

At Mobilia Group we often get asked about the difference between interior design and property styling, by both real estate agents and property owners. 

Often, sellers get confused by the differences between property stylists and interior designers, and can make the mistake of hiring the wrong person for the job.

An interior designer focuses on clientele that own or have purchased a property and seek to update the interiors of their property to align with current tastes or current style trends, making sure that the interiors, the artwork, the color palette and the furniture pieces all suit the taste of the occupier.

A property stylist focuses on clientele that wish to sell their property and achieve maximum possible sale price. A stylist is trained to identify exactly what the vendor and buyer requires, and how best to showcase the property to the intended demographic, a large component of stress is automatically alleviated.

When looking to sell your property, or if you are an agent who is about to market a new property, the need for a property stylist who truly understands what the vendor needs and also what will compel the best buyer, is key.

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