Lunar New Year free family fun day at Rhodes
PIA Marketing     Published on  29/01/19

Come and join PIA at a Family Fun day at Rhodes Foreshore Park, Saturday 9th February from 5.30pm. 

There will be plenty of activities, cultural performances and food vendors celebrating the Lunar New Year. Enjoy the fun and stay for the free movie 'FINDING DORY' and fireworks.

PIA are proud to be recognised as Gold Sponsor for this year's Lunar New year event at Rhodes, supporting Canada Bay Council and the charitable works of Communities for Communities. 


Established in 2002, Communities for Communities has since grown, with the support of the people of Canada Bay, to host over 100 Community Events and to fundraise over $2 million. These funds have built houses, schools and community facilities in disadvantaged villages in numerous countries.

In 2019, we are working with Habitat for Humanity, Cambodia to support the rebuilding of a village in NW Cambodia which has  a high level of poverty. We are also assisting the Tamworth Local Aboriginal Land Council with their holiday program for children.

By supporting Lunar New Year 2019, you are not only assisting your local community but also helping us grow a stronger community both locally and also in Cambodia & Tamworth.

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