PIA Property Investment Seminar - Weathering the storm in the current market.
PIA Marketing     Published on  11/03/19

Saturday 9th March 2019: Chinese Language Investment Seminar

It was standing room only, as more than 700 people arrived to hear Justin Wang's first Property Investment seminar for the year.

There has been much in the way of negative news stories presented by media over the past 18 months, triggering a wave of consumer uncertainty - with many current/prospective investors asking themselves...

  • How will Royal commission final report shape the future property market?
  • How will the upcoming election impact 
  • Is Sydney property still a worthwhile and profitable investment?
  • Are we in a Property Crisis right now?
  • When is the right time to buy?

Justin was able to dispel the myths surrounding these negative stories, reinforcing that savvy investors understand that the property market is a cycle - one that is subject to ebbs and flows. Some cycles are deeper, others are longer, however, what continues to remain true over time is that the Sydney residential market continues to trend upwards, with house prices doubling every 7-10 years.

Therefore, its not a case of when you buy so much as where you buy and how long you hold onto your investment as to the returns you can achieve through property

Thanks to all those that attended.

Look out for the highlights video and upcoming English language Seminar in April

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