What do smart investors know?
PIA Marketing     Published on  10/05/19

Regardless of which party forms the next Government come May 18th, there are plenty of options when it comes to smart property investing.

If negative gearing policy changes do come into effect, new properties would still be eligible to receive negative gearing tax benefits and existing properties will be fully grandfathered.

What does this mean?

  • If you own a property prior to 1st Jan 2020, you will be able to negatively gear it after that date
  • Off-plan purchases will still be entitled to negative gearing benefits
  • Newly completed properties will still be entitled to negative gearing benefits
  • NSW Government Stamp Duty reforms, indexing Stamp Duty to inflation will offer some relief to FHB’s and Investors (proposed for purchases after 1st July)

As a leading Australian Property investment and Real Estate platform with more than 15 years’ experience, PIA can show you how to build real wealth from Real Estate.

Find out what smart investors already know…

  1. Their financial goals are clear. Whether it be financial freedom, a passive income stream, early retirement or helping the kids – they put plans in place to achieve their goals
  2. Property is a mid-long term investment strategy to build wealth. They understand the risks and they look at the long term trends - Property prices are 18% higher today than 5 years ago!
  3. They know how to leverage property and market cycles to their advantage
  4. They know that Sydney continues to dominate as one of the most desirable places to live,  work and play
  5. They understand the value of renters to their portfolio (more than 40% of Sydney siders rent by choice)
  6. They look to broader market fundamentals, employment, infrastructure investment, amenity and attractions  - NSW is a strong economy with a long, strong history of economic growth and sustained property value growth1

Let PIA assist you in developing your Smart Investment Plan to achieve your financial goals. We have thousands of off-plan and newly completed properties across Sydney NSW to suit all budgets and goals.

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2014-2018 Sydney Suburb Growth Rates

If we look at some key suburb areas that PIA has historically sold across, you can see that in just 4 years, median housing sales prices have all increased substantially1

  • Mascot +68%, Botany +76%, Parramatta +107% (doubled), Baulkham Hills +69%, Epping +60%, Lane Cove +85%, Granville +51%

1 - Corelogic: Suburbs statistics report, various suburbs Jan 2014-Jan 2018

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