Some popular property investment tactics we can help you master
PIA Marketing     Published on  18/06/19

Achieving financial freedom through property investment is within most people's reach, including yours. We can help you unlock several tactics and have them work to your advantage. These include:

1. Using the family home to build a property portfolio

If you have equity in your own home, you’ve already taken the important first step on your property journey. That’s because the family home can be more than a great place to raise your children. It can be a powerful tool for growing your wealth and setting up your financial future.

After all, a lender may let you use the equity you already have in your home to fund the purchase of an investment property. That means you may not need any further deposit. Meanwhile, the rent your tenant pays should help you meet the cost of repaying your new loan.

2. Buy to hold, investment for long term

Buying to hold is a common tactic used by professional investors. It usually involves buying quality property in either established or up-and-coming areas with a view to capitalising on long-term growth. Giving the long-term nature of this tactic, many buy-to-hold investors try to time their purchase by market cycles, purchasing in the down-turn when the property is comparatively well priced. 

Buying to hold is a popular way to build a property portfolio. That’s because as the value of a property rises over time, so too does your equity. This equity can then be used as a deposit towards the purchase of your next investment property.  Buy-to-hold investors also often rely on a mortgage to finance their properties so they can take advantage of the tax breaks associated and negative gearing.

3. Buy & Rent (Rentvesting)

Think you can’t afford where you want to live but still want to get a foot on the property ladder? We’ll help you do both through our ‘Buy and Rent’ model. Under this strategy, which we pioneered back in 2005, our experts will help you select and manage a quality property with growth potential in an area and a development you can afford. Meanwhile, you get to rent in the area you want to be in, based on your lifestyle, study or employment location.

4.  Helping the children

Worried your children may never be able to afford property? We can show you how you can help them get their foot on the property ladder. By using the equity in your own home, you may be able to get them into a property without the need to save a deposit. If they’re not ready to leave home just yet, we can even help you secure and manage a tenant who’ll help pay off your loan until they do.


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