Biplav Dutta's Story: The Cricket Playing Portfolio Manager Who is Winning Over Customers
PIA Marketing     Published on  25/03/20

Real Stories - Biplav Dutta, the Property Portfolio Manager Born With a Bat and Ball.

"I came to Australia with 11 years of real estate experience. I had senior roles in major organisations like Cushman and Wakefield and JLL and had an in-depth knowledge of Indian property legislation. Australian real estate law and work procedures were new to me, but PIA has already taught me so much. Thanks to the professional and nurturing environment I was able to go from a Property Officer to a Portfolio Manager within a relatively short time span.

As a company, PIA is forward-looking. They embrace new people – like me – when they see potential. They have the same visionary stance towards technology, innovation and customer service, and were nominated for an REINSW award for Innovation.

For instance, right now, PIA are enhancing their customer experience further by creating a seamless online platform for property management and service (including a customer rewards loyalty program). Not only will this increase transparency, it will also give our teams the ability to provide current, up-to-the-minute data and reporting to clients. As a property portfolio manager, this technology will also give us the tools to improve our ability to make the right decisions, in order to maximise the landlord’s return on investment.

It’s not all work either. PIA also believes in work-life balance. I work hard but I have plenty of time to spend with my family – and to play cricket. And, like me, PIA are heavily invested in self-improvement. The training and professional development they provide for property managers like me really makes us better at our jobs, which has flow on effects for maximising our client’s wealth".

My Journey

"Thanks to PIA, I have the type of life that I have always dreamed of. I was born in India and moved to Sydney in 2017.

I grew up feeling a connection to Australia. I was one of those Indian kids who was ‘born with a bat and ball’ and I worshipped Australian cricketers, particularly Steve Waugh.

I saw a Tourism Australia advertisement: it was a vignette with a Qantas plane, blue oceans, open skies and fields of kangaroos. I knew that was the place where I wanted my family to grow up".

How cricket helped Biplav become one of PIA’s best known success stories

"Cricket means a lot to me. I used to play professionally but gave it up to focus on my real estate career. It’s a team sport and taught me to be a team player. I’ve implemented this in my career and personal life. When you work with people, you might not agree with an individual on your team, but you have to work with them to succeed, because ultimately you want the same result as they do.

In India, my first boss was a very prominent figure. Everyone was competing for his attention. I had virtually zero experience at that point of my career but I said to him: “I know that there are a hundred brokers out there and you can go with anyone you like. I don’t have the experience to teach you anything; but what I can offer is to make your workload considerably lighter.”

Years later, he told me that I got the position because I didn’t have a big ego and I understood what he wanted – a helping hand".

Philosophy: understanding the value of customer service

"As a Property Portfolio Manager at PIA, this is exactly what I do for my clients. I make their life easier by handling all of the challenges. The real estate market is dynamic, there may be other agencies to choose from, but PIA is blessed with very loyal customers because we offer such outstanding service.

Since joining PIA in 2017, I’ve used my teamwork, customer service and problem solving skills to rapidly grow my portfolio and show landlords how to enhance their wealth through property. I’ve also drawn on my experience in other real estate markets, particularly my time in commercial real estate, thanks to its huge emphasis on asset improvement and ROI, and translated this for residential property investors.

Wherever you are working, whether it’s a big business or a small one it’s down to customers at the end of the day. Everyone thinks that business is about profit but you wouldn’t have profit without happy customers. That’s the truth in any field, any sector and any location.  Satisfied customers will keep coming back to you again and again. Even in hard times, they will always choose you over somebody else.

I also believe in having a positive attitude. I learned this from sport: one day you win, another day you lose. I stay motivated because I know that if I fall down, I will be the person who has to pick myself up. When I am motivated I am happy, productive and my mind is at peace. I can say, with confidence, this attitude is working for me".  

To contact Biplav for an appraisal or discussion, 

P 9192 2828 (ext 530)  E:

2 Australia Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

[Source: Interview with Biplav Dutta, February 2020]

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