PIA (Mandarin) Seminar: Understanding current market conditions for investment
Justin Wang     Published on  25/02/17

Saturday 25th February 2017, 7pm, no standing room was available at PIA's latest Property Investment Seminar.

The auditorium was packed with more than 800 eager, current and prospective, investors.

The topic of the night? Understanding the current and future trends of the Sydney residential property market. This highly anticipated topic saw people turn out in large numbers despite the rain.

Mr Justin Wang, founder and Managing Director of the Property investors Alliance, discussed the current market situation: lending restrictions, media coverage, supply levels and drew many parralells to previous market cycles and how we can predict similar outcomes.  


Mr Wang predicted that due to the continued high demand for quality residential property, and corresponding severe undersupply, demand and supply will not come in line for many more years. Further, he stated that investors will continue to play a valuable role in the supply of quality residential rental supply in the market, and as such, capital gains and rental returns will continue to grow in line.

Watch the highlights video below (Mandarin only)

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