PIA focuses on new market trend to benefit home buyers and investors
PIA Marketing     Published on  20/10/17

PIA projects expected to boom in coming years with new market research. City of Sydney expects around 80 per cent of its residents to be living in apartments by 2030, creating vertical villages on the skyline.

Apartments are no longer just shoeboxes to sleep in. The rise of communal spaces in modern Australian apartment design is about creating vertical neighbourhoods that foster interaction and with a real community feel.

Designers and developers are now working on building communities in the sky, and their communal spaces are being blessed by the Australian climate and outdoors lifestyle.

PIA understands the rising need for a convenient life-style and leads the charge in Sydney’s changing market. We work with developers to provide living spaces that benefit home owners and investors, projects are in superb locations with great communal spaces and close to amenities such as schools, transport and entertainment.

Below are a few examples of eco-friendly projects that PIA has for sale with communal places which provide a community-friendly life style.

Under construction Ramsgate Park, Kograh. Developer JQZ

Under construction Shepperds Bay, Pearl of the Bay. Developer Holdmark

Under construction Vogue, Roseberry. Developer Top Place

Under construction Conerto, Merrylands. Developer Dyldam

Call one of our Sales Team today to find out more about PIA projects that offer convenient and contemporary lifestyle in Sydney’s new era of “communities in the sky” 02 9192 2800

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