Sydney's swing to apartment living
PIA Marketing     Published on  13/12/17

Research by McCrindle for the Urban Taskforce has identified four emerging household types within Sydney’s apartment market and predicts that half of Sydney’s homes will be apartments within a generation.

With 30% of Sydney homes now being apartments the Urban Taskforce undertook detailed research to find out which household types are preferring apartment living,” says Urban Taskforce CEO, Chris Johnson. “We were amazed to find out that 20% of the apartments are occupied by typical families and a further 8% are occupied by one-parent families. They choose apartment living due to access to public transport, affordability, safety & security and access to schools and childcare.”

The research was stimulated by the growing concerns across Sydney about increased densities and the swing to apartment living. The concerns have been picked up by politicians who seem to have become nervous about apartment buildings generally. What the research shows is that normal families, couples without children, single people and one-parent families have welcomed the apartment life style with its access to amenities and public transport.

The four emerging household types are Vertical Families, Cosmo Couples, Solo Metropolites and One-Parent Families.

The research commissioned showed that 20% of vertical families make up apartments households, 27% Cosmo couples. 34% solo metropolites and 8% one parent families.

PIA is a long term supporter of Urban Taskforce, this research is in line with PIA’s business model and market predictions. In addition to the above research, the City of Sydney expects around 80 per cent of its residents to be living in apartments by 2030, creating vertical villages on the skyline.

PIA are a leading Real Estate and Property Management company that specialise in apartment living. Justin Wang, founder and PIA MD said, “With more than 12 years in the property sector in Sydney, we have long predicted the trend in vertical families.  We understand the current market and work closely with developers to deliver exciting living spaces and apartments that benefit our extensive client base of home Home owners , investors and tenants. PIA projects are predominantly located in growth corridors and high growth suburbs surrounded by amenities, transport links, schooling and entertainment; properties that offer convenience, an exciting way of life, and with communal areas that create a community friendly atmosphere”.

Below are PIA apartments that offer a convenient lifestyle in growing suburbs.

  1. Vivacity
  2. Concerto
  3. East Square
  4. Shepherds bay


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