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PIA Marketing     Published on  02/02/18

The capital city of New South Wales, Sydney, contributes around 31% of Australia's GDP and ranks above both Singapore and Hong Kong SAR in terms of economic output. If Sydney were a country it would rank among Asia's economic heavyweights.

NSW’s real estate industry has become the largest employer in the state, overtaking the healthcare and social assistance sector for jobs. With more than 390,000 jobs, employment in the industry grew by 25 per cent from financial year 2013-14 to 2015-16.

Property has also extended its lead as the biggest direct contributor to GDP, totalling $63.4 billion in 2015-16, an increase of $8.9 billion since 2013-14. It has the largest economic footprint of any sector of the NSW economy.

Source: The Urban Developer

Since 2005, PIA have successfully sold in excess of 10,000 Sydney properties, managed thousands of properties on behalf of purchasers, facilitated the provision of housing through much needed, affordable, rental accommodation, and contributed to NSW tax revenues through stamp duty.

Each year, PIA’s investors contribute in excess of $1billion to the Sydney property market.  In FY16 (2015-2016) period, PIA sold c7% of NSW apartment sales annually[1], and contributed c2.3% to the state’s largest employer/largest contributor to GDP, the Property Market, and .4% overall to NSW GSP.

The NSW economy outperformed the nation in 2016-17, with gross state product growing well above-trend at 2.9 per cent. Over the last year investment, both public and private, has been the cornerstone of economic growth, contributing nearly double its historical average.

With a sound economy, strong employment, plus predicated population growth that will offer continued support, with UBS suggesting. Australia’s growth’ is striding ahead at a record high of 3.5%.

The fundamentals of supply and demand will support our state GPD and property markets over the next few years.

Established in 2005, The Property Investors Alliance is one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing property investment organisations and Real Estate companies, currently providing services to more than 10,000 private investors, as well as selling residential apartment projects on behalf of some of Australia’s leading property developers.

PIA provides opportunities for investors to build personal wealth with the aim of achieving financial freedom through residential property investment.  It forms an alliance between the developer, the buyer and the financier which mitigates risk and results in positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Source: SGS Economics and Planning


[1] Source: HIA New Housing Outlook Nov 2017, PIA Sales Data (Infortec Jan 2014–Dec 2017)

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