The Expert’s Guide To Affordable Property Management
PIA Marketing     Published on  20/02/18

Affordable property management isn't as hard to attain that it may seem. Hiring a property manager to effectively support you and your investment can actually be financially beneficial by optimising your rental property to save you money and grow your profits.

Hiring a professional is effectively the most valuable option to save you money and grow your investment simultaneously. Dealing with the details of the property themselves, they allow buyers to focus on their everyday life and enjoy the passive income profits of their investment without sweating the small stuff. A property manager can improve the journey to reaching your financial goals.

PIA offers affordable property management services that save clients time and money, appropriating more from your investment. Understanding the market and the local area is important for managers in order to maximise the rental income for your return on investment.

Our specialists work hard to ensure the lowest vacancy rate possible by implementing proven marketing strategies and ensuring quality tenants are occupying your property. The PMD team are hired to oversee the entirety of your property (or portfolio) and undergo regular evaluations and inspections to ensure that maintenance and repairs are prevented and completed if needed, using their extensive business connections and trades network to save you money on maintenance costs.

Our Approach

1.     Free Consultation

PIA offers complimentary property investment and management consultancy services to work out an approach that works best for you.

2.   Competitive Fee Structure

We have highly competitive rates with our agency fees at 5.5%* with no extra charges for advertising.

3.   Cash Flow Management

Our rent collection track record is earned with our goal to minimise your expenditure while aiming to maximise your income.

4.   Daily Open Inspections

When sourcing new tenants, our team are prepared to undertake daily inspections until the property is occupied, saving you time and money on rental income.

5.   Market Rental Returns

We undertake ongoing rent reviews and analysis in order to deliver optimal market returns.

6.   Rental Guarantee

PIA offers a 3-year rental guarantee^ to fix rental returns, minimise vacancies and tenant issues, so that no matter what, you will have a regular income.

7.     Tax Assistance

Our PMD team helps you to understand the deductions available to claim on tax and organise the necessary documentation to provide you with quality and affordable property management.   

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*Correct at time of print, excludes admin cost

*Talk to us to see if your property qualifies. Terms and conditions, fees and charges may apply.

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