The Role Demystified: What Does A Property Manager Do?
PIA Marketing     Published on  26/02/18

Working with a property manager is a more efficient way of achieving the support you need to manage your investment property and maximize the returns you receive. It can be an investment in itself, giving you a competitive advantage, as well as making sure the process of renting out a property is much simpler and easier for you. They are efficient multi-taskers, skilled in their profession and their role is to deal with the issues associated with your investment, saving you the time and effort of handling the details. As an advocate on your side, it can be beneficial to have an experienced professional act on your behalf and help you move towards your property investment goals.

But what does a property manager do exactly?

A property manager is hired to manage your investment property on a day-to-day basis, supporting you, the landlord, and your tenants. This role manages all types of properties, handling the daily operations and details of rental properties, from family homes to apartments and retail premises.

Property managers are:

  • Responsible for setting and adjusting rent prices as well as collecting bonds and incoming rent.

  • Responsible for managing tenants of the investment property, from finding and screening potential tenants, handling leases, dealing with complaints and maintenance requests to initiating evictions and coordinating vacating tenants.

  • Responsible for: organising maintenance and repairs in a cost-efficient way to assist in managing a budget; keeping property records on file for the property’s incomes income and expenses, including rent collection costs; recording repairs, maintenance requests and complaints; facilitating the lease.

  • Responsible for understanding the legislation pertaining to leasing, landlords and tenants when it comes to handling security deposits, trust accounts, terminating lease agreements and complying with property safety standards.

  • Responsible for preparation of depreciation and taxation related documents and statements for the landlord.

We know that landlords value low management fees, low insurance and ongoing costs, accurate appraisals and fast response rates. At PIA, we take our service to the next level, offering you a greater degree of transparency and reporting - you can access all of your property related information via our Client Portal, wherever you are, whenever you like, 24/7.

PIA’s services offer includes listing properties and securing tenants, negotiating lease agreements, managing and reposting rent arrears, conducting inspections and handling maintenance enquiries, as well as iRental portal access to your property information. Our exclusive three-year rental guarantee is one of our most popular services, offering investors and landlords the security of a fixed rental yield, regardless of rental market volatility, tenant transgressions and various unforeseeable circumstances. Talk to us to see whether your property qualifies
We can also undertake the listing, advertising and sale of your existing property to enhance the worry-free approach to property management.

Talk to our property management experts who routinely achieve a 99.15% tenant occupancy rate.

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