5 Minutes with Justin Wang The Property Investors Alliance     Published on  30/05/16

The Property Investors Alliance is one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing property investment organisations, currently providing services to more than 7,000 investors.  

What do you feel is the most important role that your company plays in the real estate market?
It’s immensely satisfying making property investment accessible for everyday Australians and contributing towards their own retirement goals.  In addition to assisting our clients on a personal level with their financial freedom and security we are also helping the economy through the provision of greatly needed rental stock for our growing population.

How do you make investing in property easier for clients?
Like everyone else, investors are time poor and investing in property can be extremely time consuming.  Traditionally, investors have to deal with multiple stakeholders to manage the purchase of a new property.

Our unique value proposition offers clients a vertically integrated property investment solution; clients can purchase a property, arrange finance, manage the settlement of their property, resolve defects and even engage us to manage the property once it’s rented.  We streamline the entire process and make it far easier for investors. PIA is essentially a one-stop-shop for property investment. With our new investor portal, our custom software, the investment journey will be even smoother.

Plus, we offer a rental guarantee on many of our properties.  Many of our customers are long term investors with growing portfolios.  PIA’s Rental Guarantee offers the security of tenancy, and in those periods in between, consistent rental return. This contributes to peace of mind.

What do investors look for when considering in investing in a particular property?
There are consistent attributes our clients look for.  Location is paramount.  They want hot suburbs and key growth areas with access to amenity and transport like shopping centres, train stations, bus routes, education and parks etc.

The metrics need to add up.  They need a good yield with solid capital gains potential and low vacancy rates to attract available renters.  They look for a quality product and consider the size, layout, quality of build, courtyard/balcony size and fixtures and fittings.  They want quality fixtures, durable fittings, flooring and surfaces that are modern and stylish, but not restricted to a trend. And they love quality brands.

They want low strata fees and are now looking for smart and energy efficient technology within the building including solar, energy efficient appliances, use of recycled water and gas and energy efficient building techniques.

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