Dyldam  launching "The Opera" precinct
PIA Marketing     Published on  07/05/18

Sydney developer Dyldam  will be launching "The Opera" precinct new $808 million development in the Sydney western suburb of Merrylands.

Dyldam, a long term development partner of PIA, have been operating for almost 50 years, delivering quality residential apartments across the Sydney market.

Dyldam’s residential and commercial masterplan, “The Opera”, will stretch across a 2.5-hectare site at 228 Pitt Street and comprise three buildings.

The project is one of several developments prompting major urban renewal in the area, as a range of infrastructure projects including the light rail and $26 billion West Connex trigger high-rise development in Sydney’s west.

The first of three buildings, “Concerto”, will represent the project’s first development stage and are expected to cost $91 million. Concerto will feature 365 residential apartments and a large commercial area.

PIA is offering split deposits for new concerto developments 5% on exchange and 5% within 6 months of exchange.*

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