The Property Revolution - How PIA Seminars are assisting investors navigate the property market
Su Lin Tan, Australian Financial Review     Published on  20/06/16

The property market continues to be a major topic of conversation in the lead up to the election. Investment in housing and infrastructure is critical to driving economic growth; housing supply. Yet no matter which way they look, housing investors continue to feel the sting.

First on the agenda was the reiteration of his core investment philosophy - that long term property investment in the NSW market is still a strong strategy given strong population growth, investment in infrastructure and a robust economy. As opposed to a more short term or speculative approach to property investment.

Secondly, that his company, PIA, is shifting the NSW property market dynamics. As an advocate for his clients, PIA acts as an end-to- end property distribution channel. With a ready made market of purchasers, PIA then source appropriate housing product to meet their needs, whereby investors dictate housing supply requirements. In direct contrast to more traditional real estate models where developers and agents try and source purchasers for their existing products.

Finally, Justin has resumed his successful Investment Seminar program. A series of 9 seminar topics to assist his investors in every facet of their investment journey, from investment strategy, asset selection through settlement and portfolio management.

More than 1,300 people attended his recent seminars, demonstrating a continued appetite for property investment; the quest for knowledge; insight from those at the forefront of the industry.

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