PIA insights on 2018 budget
PIA Marketing     Published on  10/05/18

Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison has promised a Budget that delivers a strong economy, more jobs, essential services and the government "living within its means".

Monday night’s budget delivered 5 key changes to Australia’s economy:

  1. Provide tax relief to encourage and reward working Australians and reduce cost pressures on households, including lowering electricity prices
  2. Keep backing business to invest and create more jobs, especially small and medium sized businesses.
  3. Guarantee the essential services that Australians rely on, like Medicare, hospitals, schools and caring for older Australians,
  4. Keep Australians safe, with new investments to secure our borders, and, as always,
  5. Ensure that the government lives within its means, keeping spending 

So what does this all mean to PIA investors and home owners?

It means your PIA property investment in Sydney is looking promising: the huge boost to the economy makes the Sydney market more attractive, tax cuts means greater tax benefits and no change to negative gearing means investors are still able to profit from property investments.

If you’re thinking what does this all mean for property? It’s simple, the better the economy, the more opportunity for jobs and the more people want to live in the “lucky country”,  so the population will grow.  Working with the model of supply and demand it is only natural that the Sydney property market will continue to improve and benefit from the changes made

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