Report Ranks Best Sydney Suburbs to ‘Live, Work and Play’     Published on  25/05/18

Sydney is Australia’s global city, and one of the main engines of the Australian economy. Its population of just over four million is set to double by 2050.

PriceWaterhouse Cooper's CityPulse report has shed light on how Sydneysiders live their lives that analyses “live”, “work” and “play” opportunities across 267 areas. It enables us to understand the opportunities and challenges for our city at a suburb level. 

For each of the three sectors, areas are given a score out of 10 depending on their performance on key issues.

  • "Live" measures the overall amenity of a locality such as housing affordability, crime rates and access to services such as healthcare and schools.
  • "Work" assesses a range of economic factors such as business activity, employment rates, access to jobs and economic performance.
  • "Play" measures aspects of the locality that make it an appealing place for leisure activities, such as entertainment, dining and cultural or sporting activities.

The research suggests that effective and thriving cities are those that connect the three elements of ‘live’, ‘work’ and ‘play’ – it is this interconnection that brings vibrancy, community involvement and fulfilment.

PIA investors look for suburbs that have strong capital growth potential in the long run, and strong rental yields in the short run.  At PIA, we choose quality developments in growth areas that have great infrastructure support and supporting amenity. Tenants benefit from developments that are close to economic centres, shopping and transport and are highly liveable.

Live: Proximity to amenities are critical to success.  Upmarket suburbs such as Epping, Erskineville, Alexandria and Mascot were among the top performers with Baulkham Hills fast becoming one of the most desirable places to live because of the North West Metro at Bella Vista.

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Work: Greater Western Sydney generates more than 24% of Sydney’s GDP and has been highlighted as an area of focus, suburbs such as Homebush, Macquarie Park, Parramatta and Baulkham Hills demonstrate that Sydney is thriving beyond the CBD.

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Play: To make a city truly liveable, it needs to provide ways for people to connect, explore and recharge. The inner city and inner west regions of Erskineville, Pennant Hills and Macquarie Park demonstrate the growing diversity and recreation opportunity.

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