Sydney's hottest spot - The Hills District
PIA Marketing     Published on  10/07/18

The Hills shire is named one of the most advantaged local government areas in the state by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Low unemployment, high levels of education, a brunch scene that could rival the inner west and hectares of unspoilt natural bush

The Hill known as Sydney Garden shire Is surrounded by beauty with more than 320 parks and reserves there is plenty do and so much to enjoy. 

With all the hype hitting the Hills regions PIA is excited to release new project, Moda the Hills developed by the Arden Group.

Perfectly located in the Hills district, a region of Sydney that has seen significant growth in the last decade, the affluent district is projected to accommodate almost 100,000 new residents within the next 15 years.

The Catchment has a significant white collar resident labour force that prefer the easy stress-free apartment lifestyle, in 2016 81% of residents were comprising 81% of employed residents in 2016 a high portion of managers and professional lived in the hills.

The $3 billion plan to transform Hill’s Norwest Business Park into a smart city featuring apartments, retail spaces and up to 30,000 more new-age jobs, is the age of the city commute over? Not quite, says Tim Spencer, executive general manager of development firm Mulpha. But it’s a start.

“Sydney’s planning is now based on a polycentric model – i.e., different CBDs in one city – but even further diversification and flexibility is needed. The more empowered the community is to do things differently, like arrive and leave at different times or work from home, the more we can address congestion. It’s going to take a good decade.”

Developing this part of the state is not a new idea. Spencer points out that Mulpha’s Norwest project is the fourth evolution of the site. But its rebirth as a smart city caters to a new generation and workforce looking for enhanced work-life balance. The project hopes to seamlessly combine living, working and recreational spaces – comprising more than 50 hectares of activated public parks and plazas – with a vibrant social, food and entertainment culture. The community will be connected by 50 kilometres of intertwining paths and cycleways to encourage residents and workers to get active between precincts.

Norwest’s attraction from a development perspective is a simple one: The Hills is perfectly positioned physically to Parramatta, Hornsby and the Sydney CBD. It’s also poised to benefit from the Sydney Metro Northwest rail link and the Western Sydney Airport, slated to open in 2026.

“Sydney has changed and its business centre has changed,” says Spencer. “On a planning level, everyone looks down and wonders where the next great opportunity lies. Norwest is that opportunity.”

Nestled in the hills hire region is Kellyville home to brand new Moda development.

Kellyville has become one of Sydney’s most attractive suburb and one country’s most sought-after property markets. In 2016 Kellyville was the national top five highest gross values of sales of the year in Core Logic’s Best of the Best. With 7 years of positive apartment/unit growth and 9.68% average over the past 4 years.

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