PIA (Mandarin) Seminar: Understanding current market conditions for investment

No standing room available at PIA's latest Property Investment Seminar.

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Why a long term investment strategy is the smarter bet

PIA core philosophy: The 3 "long terms" Long term investment, long term relationships and long term career plans

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PIA Supports learning from Asian City Developments

In the December edition of Urban Ideas, published by The Urban Taskforce, PIA were invited to sponsor key research on Asian city learnings

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Property Perspective, PIA interview with The CEO Magazine

Justin Wang talked with the CEO Magazine team sharing his remarkable journey to property and real estate innovator.

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PIA Developer named Property Person of the Year 2016

Joe Khattar, Dydlam CEO, named Urban Taskforce ‘Property Person of the Year’ for 2016

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The Technology frontier – How PIA’s e-Commerce platform is revolutionising the property industry for developers and investors.

Justin Wang, sat down recently with Camil Shalal from the Middle East Times, and discussed the role that PIA plays in the property industry, emerging trends and advice for first time investors.

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