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At PIA, we know that you lead a busy life and want simple solutions when it comes to investing in, and managing your property. Whether you own a single property or a portfolio, we can help you maximise the return you achieve on your asset.

Finding tenants, rental vacancies, property maintenance and chasing up rental payments and bonds all take time and can add to your stress.

At PIA, our Property Management Department (PMD) will add further value to your investment. We offer a range of services to alleviate worry and stress.

Our Property Management Services Include:

  • Listing properties and securing quality tenants
  • Lease negotiation and rent arrears management 
  • Inspections and maintenance management
  • Our exclusive three year rental guarantee for properties purchased with PIA
  • Client portal access to your property information and statements
  • We can also undertake the listing, advertising and sale of your existing property

PIA’s Rental Guarantee


In addition to providing investors with a Settlements and Property Management service, PIA offers investors and landlords the security of it's exclusive 'Rental Guarantee'.

From the moment you settle your investment property, through to a defined period of time, investors can confidently anticipate the precise rental yield of their venture with PIA, thereby negating the intrinsic risk associated with inconsistent and erratic rental returns.

The rental guarantee ensures investors receive a fixed rental yield regardless of rental market volatility, tenant transgressions and various unforeseeable circumstances. PIA customers can expect peace of mind when it comes to the dividend of income related to their investment asset.

Talk to us to find out more and see whether your property qualifies. Terms and conditions apply.

Prospective Landlords

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At PIA, we're committed to service excellence. That's what makes us the best property asset management service for investors.

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Current Tenants

Access to forms including:
  • Lodge maintenance request
  • Submit vacating notice
  • Tenant referral form and
  • Tenant checklist

Upgrade to new property or change location

Our New Properties

New Tenants

  • Search for available properties
  • Application forms
  • Submit online applications and
  • Get access to a tenant referral form

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