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Property is Our Passion, Prosperity is Our Mission.

Founded in 2005, by eminent property investment expert Justin (Yue) Wang, PIA has revolutionised the property buying process for thousands of Australians creating a streamlined investment platform supported by determined professionals striving to deliver excellence.

With a wide range of services on offer, PIA can help you move forward with you property journey. Our investment model combined with meticulous expertise in the residential real estate market, continues to transform the lives of many Australians.

The Property Investors Alliance (PIA) is an integrated property investment specialist. Over the past decade PIA have formed strategic industry alliances with developers and investors throughout the New South Wales residential property market. Find out more about rental properties sydney here.

Our Journey

PIA is a platform of residential property investment with unique property concept and service function, rather than a property sales company.

In 2005, The Property Investors Alliance launches onto the Sydney Real Estate market. Founded by local property expert, Justin (Yue) Wang, PIA was conceived in response to the need for an ethical real estate industry company that provides market transparency and creates opportunities for average Australians to access property for investment purposes.

Justin sold out his first development in record time and gained an instant following of keen community investors. Since 2005, PIA have successfully sold in excess of 13,000 apartments, contributes 10.55% of new housing supply in NSW (HIA FY18) annually, launched Property Management and Leasing divisions, and has more than 300 property sales consultants.

Through 16 years journey, PIA has represented over 10,000 investors with more than $11 billion worth of residential properties helping thousands of Australian families become millionaires.  For the time being, PIA is managing in excess of 6,500 apartments with over $4.5 billion worth of properties and 11,500 tenants. PIA work works with its major developer partners and in any time has more than thousand properties cross Sydney for people to buy.

Currently PIA has more than 300 staff, sit in 9000 SQM office in 2 Australia Ave Sydney Olympic Park.

PIA believes

  1. Everyone should and can dream to have financial freedom.
  2. Investing in Sydney Residential Property is the only and most effective way to facilitate ordinary people to achieve financial freedom.
  3. Sydney residential properties are one of the most valuable assets to keep.
  4. PIA is the best services platform to assist you to realize financial freedom.


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MyPIA - the Portal that puts you in control

MyPIA is the backbone, customised IT system that supports all of PIA's company functions. It services vendors, investors, landlords, tenants and staff.

As a PIA VIP Investor, MyPIA can assist you in viewing and reserving properties immediately, assisting you in building your property portfolio.


Justin (Yue) Wang

PIA Managing Director and Founder

Justin Wang has developed thousands of apartments both independently and jointly and has invested hundreds of millions dollars in Sydney residences. With over two decades’ profound experience on Sydney’s property market, Justin has depth knowledge from investment, sales, leasing, property management as well as property financials. Mr Wang’s opinions about property has been widely adopted by major Australian media.

In 2005 Mr Wang founded PIA. Since then he has been advocating “PIA Investment Concept” tirelessly.

In 2016, Justin was nominated as Australian CEO of the Year by CEO Magazine.

In 2017, PIA wins bronze at the 2017 POPAI Awards.

In 2017, cooperated with the Western Sydney University’s Real Estate Institute, Justin and associated Professor Chyi Lin Lee presented the first research report on “The Performance of PIA Housing Portfolio”.

In 2018, PIA was nominated for the Best Innovation Award finalist by REINSW.

In 2018, PIA Supports learning from Asian City Developments

In 2018, The story of Inspiring business man Justin Wang on Patricia Higgins- Star Central

In 2019, Interview: Justin Wang talks to the CEO magazine

Working closely with leading developers, Government stakeholders, builders and property investors, Justin advocates an alliance that serves to promote the long term sustainability of the property industry. He continues to challenge the property industry to envolve through his innovative business model.

Justin serves as an industry consultant, key note speaker, long term supporter and principal sponsor of The Urban Taskforce of Australia.

The Urban Taskforce is a non-profit organisation representing Australia's most prominent property developer and equity financiers. They provide a forum for people involved in the development and planning of the urban environment to engage in constructive dialogue with both government and the community.

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