Meet Our Team

(Andy) Dian Gu

Senior Partner - Property Management

Andy came to PIA from Urban Planning background, working with Government and developers, before moving into the real estate industry in 2015. After gaining valuable sales experience, Andy joined the Property Management team - a great fit for such an organised person who has a passion for his role.

Andy has a track record of combining his academic training with his people skills to methodically find the best solutions for all parties, with a high attention to detail. As a true real estate professional he always takes into account the impact of any decision he makes from both the landlord and tenant viewpoint. He has achieved a reputation for delivering a remarkable result which meet all stakeholders and overall business requirements.

Native proficiency in Mandarin & Shanghainese, Full professional proficiency in English & Japanese languages

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science and a Real Estate Licence,

(Tony) Jiayu Wang

Senior Partner - Property Management

Tony Join PIA in 2018. He has more than 4 years of experience in portfolio management with excellent execution logical thinking. He is diligent, rigorous, meticulous, good at learning and strong sense of responsibility. He has good oral and written expression skills in both Chinese and English. Tony is the person who always offer assistance to those in need, delivering a respectful, professional and reliable service.

Tony's customer service philosophy 'I treat my customers how i would like to be treated'

  • Qualifications: Real Estate Licence
  • Languages: Fluent in Mandarin and English

(Jeffrey) Haoyu Qiao

Senior Partner- Property Management

Jeffrey joined the PIA team in 2018. Commencing as an assistant property manager, he showed a strong desire to learn and achieve and was promoted to Portfolio Manager.  Jeffrey is friendly and patient with all of his clients, and with his passion for customer service he sets high standards. Jeffrey is energetic and always prepared to give his all, ensuring his customers are all well looked after.

Jeffrey's customer service philosophy is 'Always treat my customers the way I want myself to be treated, and put myself in my customer shoes in order to understand their situation'

  • Qualifications:Real Estate Licence
  • Fluent in Mandarin and English

(Leon ) Leon Ao

Senior Partner - Property Management

Leon joined the PIA Property Management team in 2018. With a background in customer service, and with qualifications in both Business and as a licensed Real Estate Agent, Leon brings both an analystical and empathetic approach to his clients, designed to achieve the best outcomes for his clients, both landlords and tenants.

  • Qualifications: Cert IV Business, Real Estate Licence
  • Languages: fluent in English & Cantonese.

(Ray) Xiaorui Xie

Senior Partner – Property Management

Ray started his career in real estate in 2017 as a property officer after spending several years as a client relationship manager. A suitably qualified individual, Ray has gained the relevant experience that you are looking for in a property portfolio manager, and is both organised and reliable. He takes a 'hands on' approach to delivering a high quality of management for your property and your tenants.

Ray easily establishes and maintains an open and positive relationship with landlords, tenants and occupants alike. His customer service philosophy 'I treat my clients as my friends, building relationships not only in work but also in life'.

  • Qualifications: Masters of Electrical Engineering (UNSW); Certificate of Registration
  • Languages: Fluent in Mandarin and English.

(Brian) Yuan Fang

Senior Partner - Property Management

Brian joined the PIA property management team in 2018, since then, he manages a large property portfolio. He is passionate about the real estate industry. Having come from a customer service background, Brian prides himself on delivering the highest standards of customer service to both landlords and tenants.

  • Qualifications: Real Estate Licence; Cert IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking; Diploma of Management
  • Languages: Native Mandarin speaker, fluent in English and Cantonese.

(Henry) Hong Qiu

Associate Senior Partner - Property Management

Henry began his career in real estate in 2012, having initially joined PIA as a sales consultant, joining the property management team in 2019.

Henry brings more than 8 years’ experience and knowledge of the Sydney residential property market to his role.

As a qualified Accountant and CPA, and being an avid property investor and landlord himself,

Henry has a well-rounded understanding of a client’s mindset when it comes to managing their property.

His skills in accountancy provide his clients with a unique benefit when it comes to managing assets, taxation queries and maximizing investment return.


  • Qualification: CPA (Australia and China), Real Estate Licence
  • Language: Native in Mandarin and Shanghainese & Fluent in English

Michael Lee

Senior Partner - Property Management

Michael has a well-documented history when it comes to property investment and asset management, having been both a keen property investor and a PIA Sales Consultant for more than 5 years. Having made the leap into Property Management, you can be assured that Michael brings to the table a solid understanding in asset management, landlord needs and a full service approach when it comes to end-to-end property investment. Michael is an enthusiastic team member committed to delivering the same strong level of customer support that he offered his investor clients. With a background in finance, be assured that your portfolio is in good hands. 

  • Michael's customer service philosophy is to seek to understand the situation from all perspectives to solve the problem
  • Qualifications: Master of Commerce (Finance - Sydney Uni), Bachelor of Science (UNSW), Real Estate Licence
  • Languages: Michael is fluent in English and Mandarin.

(Martin) Chen Zhao

Senior Portfolio Manager - Property Management

Possessing a background in accountancy and funds management, Martin brings strong analytical and asset management skills to his role as property manager.  With more than 5 years in the real estate industry, across sales, leasing and property management, as well as being an investor himself, Martin understands what’s important when it comes to managing your property portfolio. From finding quality tenants, to following up quickly on issues and providing you with the right information to make the right decisions, you’ll be glad to have Martin on your team.


  • Qualification: Real Estate Licence
  • Fluent in Mandarin & English

Massimo Facci

Senior Portfolio Manager - Property Management

Massimo joined in PIA’s Leasing Team in 2017, prior to this, he already had 6-year experience as a self-investor, where he gained comprehensive knowledge of renovation, maintenance and property management.

On Leasing Agent position, Massimo achieved an outstanding rent return in the area of Granville, while learning the importance to treat every relationship with professional and fair approach.

Massimo is committed to advance his career in Real Estate and his customer service philosophy is to remain accessible to landlords and tenants for their daily advice.


  • Language skills: native proficiency in Italian; full professional proficiency in English
  • Qualifications: Diploma of Accounting. Real Estate Licence

(Melvin) Shien Lee Toh

Senior Portfolio Manager - Property Management

Melvin has spanned his career in real estate industry since 2015. He is always willing to put extra efforts to provide effective and quality customer service in time and professional manner. As an investor himself, Melvin has deep insight on Sydney property market. Honesty, integrity and dynamic represents his characteristic.

Qualifications:   Real Estate Licence

Languages:         Fluent in English

(Stephen) Seung Woo CHO

Senior Portfolio Manager - Property Management

He is a dedicated Senior Portfolio Manager with a robust real estate background and a unique blend of IT knowledge. his dedication to professionalism, commitment to innovation, and strong communication skills make him a valuable asset to PIA and its clients. He has been actively engaged in the Real Estate industry since 2014, accumulating invaluable experience and expertise, along with a tertiary degree, Bachelor of IT (Majoring in computing science).

Heenthusiastically joined PIA in May 2023, bringing with him nine years of industry experience. He's excited to contribute his skills and knowledge to the dynamic team at PIA. 

Excellent time management and problem-solving skills, which can extend his help to the landlord/tenants in resolving their concerns effectively and efficiently. Additionally, his exceptional multitasking skills allow him to manage a diverse portfolio of properties simultaneously, ensuring that each property receives the attention it deserves.

  • Qualifications: Real Estate Licence C2
  • Languages:English and Korean

Jay (Jun jie) Hu

Senior Portfolio Manager - Property Management

(Jay) Junjie Hu Joined PIA and started his property management career first as a Portfolio Officer in April 2021, attributed to his outstanding learning capability and can-do attitude and courage to take challenges, Jay was fast-tracked and promoted to an Acting Portfolio Manager and now a Portfolio Manager with PIA's Property Management Department. Jay possesses strong interpersonal communication skill and is passionate to develop his career in real estate. With a background in construction industry, and education qualification in Civil Engineering, Jay has strong ability of problem solving. Jay is hardworking and detail-oriented person, he also tends to build rapport relationships with both landlords and tenants, understand their needs and is always striving to respond quickly, proactively and effectively.

  • Qualifications: Bachelor degree of Civil Engineering (Honour); Advanced Diploma of Translation and Interpretation; Certificate of Registration
  • Language: Native in Mandarin and Shanghainese & Fluent in English

Rain Huang

Senior Portfolio Manager - Property Management

Rain Huang has 2 years working in Real Estate industry. He used to run a café for 5 years, manage a team and have  a lot of Management  experience. Also get along well with colleagues and provide professional service to clients. 

He aslo is a property’s investor and has 2 properties so he can better understand landlords and communicate with them. When he was a tenant during his student time, that makes me more easier to deal with the tenant.

Key Achievements: Graduated in hospitality management & have multiple years of  the customer services experience can be better serve for clients.

  • Qualifications:CPP41419 Cert IV
  • Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

(Yolanda) Lan You

Portfolio Manager- Property Management

With a solid foundation in the real estate industry since 2016, Yolanda You has made a name for herself as a dedicated professional. Her experience and proven track record in maintaining high occupancy rates and reducing maintenance costs make her a highly valued partner for landlords. Yolanda consistently exceeds expectations in her role as a property manager, providing a reliable and transparent management experience that landlords can trust.

Her broad range of knowledge and experience at all levels of property management enables her to deliver outstanding results that benefit landlords directly. Yolanda's dedication to the real estate industry and her keen ability to understand and meet the needs of landlords set her apart as an exceptional property manager.

Qualification: Real Estate Licence C2

Languages: Fluent in both Mandarin and English.

Jason(Shijie) Liu

Portfolio Manager - Property Management

Jason Liu has 3 years working in real estate industry. Previous sales experience has enriched his knowledge towards the real estate industry; hence he have developed greater skills to help his clients. 

He is committed to adhering to the customer as the centre, also quickly responding to customer needs, and continue to create long-term value for the customers.

Qualifications: Certificate of Registration

Languages: English and Mandarin

(Alex) Chi Yin Chiu

Senior Portfolio Manager - Property Management

I worked as leasing Officer in PIA's Property Management Department since October 2020 . I have 9 years working experience in Real estate industry, so I have extensive knowledge about rental market and has a good sales and leasing negotiation skill.

I bring my extensive experience in Property Management, Lease Management, Contract Management, Stakeholder Management (both external & internal), which helps me to apply all these skills and knowledge in my works as previous Portfolio Officer and now Portfolio Manager. With my extensive experience and excellent skills in property management, I am confident to provide best customer services to Owners and Tenants of PIA from lease management to repair and maintenance issues.

  • Proficiency in English and Mandarin

(Kel) Peng YAO

Portfolio Manager- Property Management

A fully qualified and licensed real estate agent, Kel joined PIA in January 2023 after previously working in the service industry, where he developed rich customer relationship skills and experience as a coordinator in facility management.

Kel is a proactive team member, always striving to understand, anticipate, and resolve all property management-related matters in a timely manner. Aligned with PIA's values and missions, Kel sincerely believes that providing excellent customer service to our clients (Landlords & Tenants) is essential. As a result, Kel quickly and seamlessly builds strong rapport with his landlord and tenant clients. His professional service enables him to achieve the best results for all his clients, both landlords and tenants.

Qualifications: Certificate of Registration

Languages: Kel is fluent in English and Mandarin"

(Reina) Jing He

Senior Portfolio Manager - Property Management

Having commenced in her work experience in property industry in 2019, Reina was swiftly promoted from Portfolio Officer to Portfolio Manager. Reina possesses strong communication skill and is passionate to develop her career in real estate. She aims to deliver remarkable result to both tenants and landlords. Reina puts customers’ needs in heart by “Looking after properties like my own, do my best to satisfy all clients”.


  • Qualifications: MBA; Master of Professional Accounting; Real Estate Licence
  • Languages: fluent in English and Mandarin


Isabella Tan

Portfolio Manager - Property Management

Isabella joins PIA with 8 years’ experience in Real Estate Industry. Isabella really enjoys her role as Property Manager to provide solutions to landlords and tenants. She is patient and knows listening is very important to understand people from different background their requirement and find out their deep-down concerns and or issues. Isabella always puts herself in her customers’’ shoes with great empathy and treats her landlords and tenants with full respect and fairly.

  • Language: English and Native Mandarin 
  • Qualifications: Real Estate Licence (Sales/Leasing & Strata Management)

(Tom) Wenyao Fu

Senior Leasing Manager

After five-year work experience in PIA as a Property Manager, Tom turned his career to be a Leasing Manager in 2014. Tom expertly provides leasing services to local community along with excellent time management skill. 7-days weekly open inspection is the commitment that Tom promises to tenants and landlords and the secret to maintain his outstanding leasing performance.


Qualifications:   Real Estate Licence – Sales or Leasing & Stata Management

Languages:         Fluent in English & Mandarin

(Kelvin) Qiang Li

Senior Leasing Manager

Prior to join PIA, Kelvin had 5-year work experience in hospitality industry, where he learnt and acquired tremendous customer service and communication skills. Kelvin changed his career path and became PIA’s Leasing Manager in 2015. Since then, Kelvin has steadily built his credit with profound knowledge of Sydney residential rental market and proven track record as a leasing manager and progressed well into a Senior Leasing Manager role lately. Kelvin is always motivated by connecting his initiatives to customer needs.


Qualifications:   Real Estate Licence

Languages:         Fluent in English & Mandarin

(Masy) Siying Ma

Senior Leasing Manager

Masy joined PIA as a sales consultant in 2016 and started to be a leasing manager from 2017. Before that she was a senior project manager in the IT industry for 9 years, with solid customer communication and problem solving skills. With passion for the Australian residential property market, also as a property investor herself, Masy always put in her feet to both landlord and tenant’s shoes to understand each parties requirement and achieve win-win situation to all of the stakeholders. As a result, she was promoted to senior leasing manager and leasing team leader.


 Qualification: Bachelor of Computational Mathematics; Real Estate License

 Language: Native in Mandarin and Shanghainese & Fluent in English

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